How to Book

Never been on a winter holiday?

If you have never been on a winter holiday before please use the resort finder to find a resort that will suit the needs of all your party.  The percentage relates to how good a match it is to your needs.
Use the Search facilities to search for accommodation at this resort.


If you know where you want to go

  • You must be over 18 and have a Visa or MasterCard to make a booking

  • Set the information in the table on the home page and wait for your results

  • You don’t have to select a resort or if you want to select more than one resort use ‘Ctrl + Click’

  • If you know the hotel name, want a minimum star rating etc choose advanced search

  • Sort by Price, Star Rating or Alphabetically

  • Once you have found the perfect snow accommodation click book now, more or hotel name

  • There are more details about your preferred accommodation across the top.

  • Select the type and room you would like and Book Now

  • Select the number of that room type you wish to book.  If you also want to book a different room type you will need to complete this booking first.  Don’t worry there are no booking fees and your details will be saved to make it faster!

  • Check the number of people (Adults and Children) will fit in the room

  • Select a type of room, there may be multiple configurations i.e. the room could be a double or twin, select which you would prefer

  • Please check that you understand the cancelation policy and enter your personal details, estimated arrival time and credit card information

  • The password allows you to retrieve your personal details and bookings made. 

      NOTE: it will NOT store your credit card details to prevent fraud.

  • Please print the voucher.  You will need to sign and date the voucher at the accommodation reception and show photo ID. 


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